Sustainability , The Environment and Wedding Hair Accessories

Sustainability and care for the environment are so important to me.  As a sole trader running a tiny creative business I make all of my products with my hands and it's critical to me that what I make, the materials I use, the suppliers I work with and the way that I run my business is all done in as environmentally kind a way as possible.  It's a work in progress as I take little steps to get better at this.  This part of my blog features posts and information about my journey to make my work and business more sustainable and as environmentally kind as possible.  The wedding industry has a lot of work to do on this subject but there are many small businesses and creatives out there who are working really hard to make a difference.  I want my hair accessories and jewellery to be as kind to the planet as possible and these blog posts follow my journey to be as ethical and sustainable as I can.   You can read more about my ethics and sustainability policies here too.