Styling Guides - how to choose and wear wedding hair accessories

Choosing a wedding hair accessory can be overwhelming and a bit daunting especially if you're not used to wearing anything in your hair so this page of my website should provide you with a good starting place for learning about different types of bridal hair accessories and how to wear them.  Over the years, I've worked with and got to know some of the very best hair stylists in the wedding industry and I trust some of them to hold a small selection of my hair accessories to use during their hair trials.  I have written some helpful posts about the different types of hair accessories that are available and what to do with them and I've asked some of my favourite stylists to give some valuable advice too.  I'll also list the stylists who have a selection of my designs and where you can find them.  I hope you find this section of my website helpful but if there is anything you would like to know or if you have any questions at all relating to choosing or styling wedding hair accessories, please let me know and I'll do my very best to help.   

A selection of beautiful handmade floral bridal hair crowns, headpieces and hair pins made by British bridal designer Clare Lloyd

How to Choose a Wedding Hair Accessory

Introductory guide to different types of bridal hair accessory and what you with them

A bride with auburn hair worn in a low bun wears a handmade verdigris wedding hair comb Image by Bowtie and Belle Photography

Styling Guide: Combs

How to wear and style a wedding hair comb


A blonde haired bride wears her hair in a low twisted bun with a silver leaf headpiece wrapped around the bun styled by Kasia Fortuna

My Favourite Hair Stylists

These are the current stylists who hold stock of my hair accessories for use during hair trials  

White floral Anemone bridal hair pins handmade by Clare Lloyd Accessories

Hair Stylist Profile: Leanna Briggs Bath, South West


Golden floral hair pins styled by Danni at Makeover Box

Hair Stylist Profile: Makeover Box Essex, South East 


White floral Leuce wedding headpiece styled by Sara Roberts HMUA

Hair Stylist Profile: Sara Roberts North Wales 


White floral Anemone bridal hair comb styled in a low elegant bun by stylist Moira Borg

Hair Stylist Profile: Moira Borg, East Midlands


A blonde haired bride with a half up half down hair style wears three golden leaf hair pins in the side of her hair styled by Grace Kingsley image by Evoke Pictures

Styling Guide: Hair Pins

How to wear bridal hair pins


A dark haired model wears a statement asymmetrical gold floral crown image by Peony Park Photography

Styling Guide: Crowns

How to wear statement wedding crowns 


5 wedding hair accessories to wear with your hair down

Styling Guide: Long Hair

Ideas for how to wear wedding hair accessories with long hair worn down

A bride with a sleek low bun wears two silver outline leaf headpieces in her hair styled by Kasia Fortuna

Styling Guide: Headpieces

How to wear headpieces that pin into place


A bride getting ready ofr her wedding day and wearing a side headdress with loose waves image by Love Luella Photography

Styling Guide: Headbands 

How to wear headbands