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Wedding Hair Vines

Wedding Hair vines are incredibly versatile hair accessories and are as light as a feather so you'll hardly know you're wearing one which makes them the perfect choice for your wedding day. 

Discreet loops throughout each piece allow the hair vine to be pinned into place with grips or pins.  Some designs come with removeable ribbons to allow the piece to be worn as a headdress, a belt or as a statement necklace.

There is quite an art to making a hair vine; they start off life as a roll of wire and through very careful twisting and wire wrapping they turn into a beautifully delicate hair accessory.  Choose from lengths of delicately twisted wire to more complex and intricate pinnable vines.

Bridal Hair vines work well with so many different hair styles and with both long and short hair.  Try combining a hair vine with co-ordinating or matching hair pins to create your own unique bridal look.

The longer length hair vines also work really well as a bridal belt. 

All vines can be adapted to your choice of length and customised for a bespoke hair accessory. 

All hair vines are made to order; please allow up to four weeks for your vine to be made. 

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