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Bridal Headbands and Headdresses

A bridal headband is one of the easiest ways to wear a hair accessory on your wedding day even for brides with very fine or short hair.  I make my wedding headbands to be as comfortable as possible; using either a very narrow and lightweight band (2mm) or a handmade copper wire band and I wrap the completed headdress in soft satin or silk ribbons to ensure that they are as comfortable and light.  You'll be wearing your headpiece for a long time so comfort is vital and even the largest statement headdresses are designed to be as light in weight as possible. 

All headbands can be wrapped in a ribbon colour to tone in with your hair and I have a large selection of colours to choose from. 

You can choose to have long lengths of ribbon left at either side of the headband to enable the headdress to be worn lower on the forehead and secured in place with the ribbon ties or the ribbon can be left long for an ethereal bohemian look.  Alternatively, the ribbon is cut and hand stitched into place at either side.

Choose from vintage inspired side headdresses and forehead bands to more symmetrical designs worn over the top of your head with most designs available in a choice of colours.

All headbands are made to order; please allow between four to six weeks for your headband to be made.

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