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This little collection of hair pins are made entirely by hand using recycled sterling silver and brass.  This ethical collection of bridal hair pins will grow over time to include more designs but they are all made so that they can be mixed and matched to create a look that is yours alone. 

Each leaf is hand pierced and soldered to a hand made hair pin before being shaped using old fashioned jewellers tools and mandrels. 

Every single piece is made to order and as each leaf is hand drawn and cut every one is slightly different meaning that you will own something completely unique.  I don't use templates and draw each leaf directly onto the metal before cutting it out. 

I don't use chemicals in my jewellery making process so cleaning and polishing each piece is done by hand using files and sand paper.  My metal has a soft brushed finish not a high shine and it is left unsealed so it will oxidise gradually over time. 

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