Hello! After various attempts at writing a blog and inevitably getting distracted by something else (usually something sparkly that needs making immediately!) I've decided to try and sort this blogging thing out once and for all. 

This time, my Blog is part of my website rather than an external link to another site and my aim is to write useful things that might answer any questions that you have such as practical tips on how to wear or style different types of hair accessory, information about events I might be taking part in, new collections, gorgeous inspirations from styled shoots I've been part of and even the odd sample sale! 

So here we go..... hopefully, this will be fun! 

Clare xx 

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  1. Styling Advice | How Much Does it Cost to have Bespoke Bridal Hair Accessories Handmade for You? 

    If you're thinking of having your wedding hair accessories handmade especially for you, one of the first questions you're probably going to have is 'how much will it cost me?' Bespoke handmade bridal hair accessories are quite special so in this series of blog posts, I will answers some of the questions you might have if you're considering having your hair accessories made for you from how to choose the right designer to make your accessories to the reasons why you would want to consider having a bespoke headpiece made for you. In this first post, we will look at how much the bespoke process costs. 

    How much would it cost to have bespoke bridal hair accessories made for you

  2. Sample Sale Clare Lloyd Accessories

    News and Events | Bridal Sample Sale for Wedding Hair Accessories 

    My bridal sample sales don't happen very often but when they do, there are some bargains to be had.  I make a lot of bridal hair accessories and wedding headpieces - an awful lot.  Some of them are experiments and don't make it to a collection and some of them are display headpieces or may have been used on a photoshoot.  About once a year, I sort all of these pieces out and put them in a sale, so at 10am on Friday 28th August the Sample Sale will be live! 

  3. A new Collection of Bridal Accessories Blog Post by Clare Lloyd

    Behind the Scenes | A New Collection of Bridal Hair Accessories from Clare Lloyd | Styled Wedding Shoot 

    This year things have been very different and quite unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before.  I usually make a new collection of bridal hair accessories every year and part of the process is to have them photographed professionally with a styled wedding shoot.  This year, things have taken a little longer than usual but this week, I was finally able to shoot my latest collection so here's a little look behind the scenes for my first 'socially distanced' styled bridal shoot......