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Wedding Headpieces

Wedding headpieces are very lightweight, flexible, hand wired hair adornments that can be worn in numerous different ways.  They can be positioned anywhere in the hair and secured into place with hair pins, ribbons and grips.

As light as air to wear, you won't know that you've got a headpiece on.  I create these designs to be as flexible as possible so they work with all sorts of hair styles and lengths and they can be worn alone or combined with pins or vines to create a large, more statement look.

Also in this section are ribbon tied headpieces. Delicate and unashamedly romatic and feminine, the ribbon tie hair adornment is also one of the most comfortable and versatile designs to wear.

More flexible than a headband, a ribbon tied design can be postioned comfortably on the head in various positions.  You can also make a feature of the ribbons by letting them hang loose or working them through your hair.  Alternatively, they can be tucked out of the way or, as all of my designs have removeable ribbons, you can just take them off and secure the headpiece in place with pins or grips.   Ribbon tied designs also work well for women with fine, soft hair that wouldn't hold a hair comb or for those who find a more traditional headband uncomfortable.

The majority of these designs can also be worn as a statement necklace, making them a very versatile choice that you'll wear again after your wedding day.


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