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Inspired by Ancient Greek laurel wreaths, I wanted to make a little collection of bridal headdresses and crowns made entirely from recycled metal cut and soldered into leaf motifs and shapes and soldered together to create delicate and beautiful headdresses that echoed the beauty of times past. 

I'm sure this collection will grow over time and I will make some one of a kind pieces but for now, here is a little selection of headdresses to become treasured future heirlooms.

Each design can be made with recycled sterling silver or brass but I can also make them in recycled copper or 9 carat gold upon request. 

As every single leaf is cut by hand without the use of any templates, every single piece becomes completely unique. 

Each headdress is very lightweight and comfortable to wear and comes with removable bamboo silk ribbon ties.  I have also made a selection of delicate beaded vines made from precious metals and ethically sourced semi-precious stones that can be worn with the headpieces to add another dimension to each design and enabling you to create a look that is yours alone. 

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