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Les Fleurs Collection - Wedding Headdresses and Bridal Crowns

My latest collection of wedding headpieces includes some of my most extravagant and detailed bridal crowns and headdresses that I've ever made.  I absolutely adore making a statement wedding crown - they are such a joy to make and they look spectacular when worn.  

For this collection, I have focused on beautiful botanical and floral details from handpainted brass flowers and leaves through to intricately wired Miyuki glass seed beads to create tiny detailed flowers and foliage. 

Not all of the headdresses in this collection are enormous showstoppers! I have also made some more more delicate and smaller headdresses that are beautiful and intricate and very easy to wear. 

My bridal crowns are completely made by hand and I hand forge the headband base using copper wire that is made to measure and hammered into shape to ensure the perfect fit. 

My headbands are made using a very flexible and thin metal band to ensure a comfortable fit that can be worn all day long without pinching. 

This collection will keep growing over the coming months as I make more wedding headdresses and crowns but all will be inspired by gorgeous florals. 

I have chosen to use vegan materials to make this collection using brass and glass.  The exception to this is some of the silks used on the bridal crowns.  I am now using either bamboo or peace silk for my ribbons but I do have some existing stocks of traditional silks to use up. When ordering any design where silk is used, I will contact you to check your preference for the type of silk used. 

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